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Molunat is small fishing and tourist village, located in one of the most beautiful bays in the southern Adriatic sea, at a distance of 40 km SE from the well-known cultural and historic Old city of Dubrovnik, and 20 km from the Dubrovnik Airport and Cavtat.

The name Molunat has Illyrian and Greek roots ( molos harbour ), which indicates that here was a harbour in ancient times.

The Dubrovnik Republic built a harbour and a protective barrier in the 15 th century, especially well fortified towards the sea, whereas the settlement itself only began to develop in the 19 th. century.

In the Molunat you can go mountaineering or bicycling, and in the summer time you can enjoy our  beautiful beaches or rent a boat for diving or fishing.

Molunat is village with very mild microclimate conditions.  There are no cold winds nor sea temperatures over 18 °c from beginning of May  till the end of October.

Unspoiled nature,  Mediterranean vegetation , the deep blue of the sea and the hospitality of the domestic population make

Molunat,  the ideal place for vacations and the pleasure arising from the touch of  nature.


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